Letting It Go

Lyrics to a new song I have written….

I had so many plans, poised to seize the day,
Roads were wide open, there was nothing in my way,
Like the greatest locomotive hurtling down the track ,
Or the mighty ship Titanic there was no turning back,
But you never know what’s lurking just up ahead,
And you can suddenly find yourself hanging by a thread,

I’m letting it go, canceling the show,
Changing course mid stream,
Starting over, forgive, forget,
Time to chase a new dream,
Tilt the sails ride the wind
Just rolling with the flow,
The time has come to embrace a new day
As it dawns, I’m letting it go.

I bought in to the glorious whimsy
That love was a storybook tale,
Who is she? Cue the joy and laughter,
On the journey to Happily Ever After,
Great loves emerged but I did not forsee,
The ones I adored just did not love for me

I’m letting it go, canceling the show,
Changing course mid stream,
Starting over, forgive, forget
Time to chase a new dream,
Tilt the sails, ride the wind
Just rolling with the flow
The time has come to embrace a new day,
As it dawns, I’m letting it go.

No longer ambling forward
Now cautious and largely unsure,
Progressing to the next day is key
With no concern for what’s in store,
The task of simply living
Replaces the desire to feel alive,
Finding meaning and inspiration
While aspiring to survive

I’m letting it go, canceling the show,
Changing course mid stream,
Starting over, forgive, forget
Time to chase a new dream,
Tilt the sails, ride the wind,
Just tolling with the flow,
The time has come to embrace a new day.
As it dawns, I’m letting it go.

Grey2K Response

A week ago, I and my Racing Commission was attacked in two Blog posts. I have no desire to justify sensationalist allegations. Particularly since the “atrocities” and lack of competence, we are accused of were gleaned from our own kennel inspection reports that we voluntarily provided. Labeled as inept, indifferent, heartless demons, representatives of the Birmingham Racing Commission, diligently conduct constant inspections and ensures the proper care and welfare of the magnificent greyhounds is being provided.

The local Commission is truly a blessing for our greys. The immediacy of being on site and hands on allows us to always be involved in all kennel compound activities. Several times in recent years we have stepped up to address problems. We don’t automatically dictate orders. On some occasions it is more prudent that we roll up our sleeves and address issues. The web post mentions a kennel that develop a fast developing flea problem. Within 48 hours every dog was treated, the kennel moved to another building and the situation was cleaned up and eradicated. I personally manned a dip tank. The conditions for our greyhounds are not inadequate. Do I wish they were state of the art , you bet. But we work with the economics of the situation. However, there is no compromise as far as outstanding care.

Our current kennel group is very dedicated and despite challenges does collectively an outstanding job. It amazes me reading comments from people that this irresponsible, prevaricating, fund raising organization attempts to manipulate, of their total ignorance bad misunderstanding of the relationship dynamic between greyhounds and trainers/kennel staff. I can speak from experience. Going to a kennel four times a day, seven days a week, you immediately develop an incredible bond and devoted love for your dogs. The belief that trainers are cruel, heartless, detached derelicts who treat their greyhounds abusively is the epitome of mistruth. I wish people would visit a racing kennel and see the actual atmosphere. When ii was a trainer I loved my digs like children

Birmingham is serving a vital role as a last racing stop for greyhounds being sent down the line. The track adoption program is a huge operation and every retiree is placed. Frequently, Director Meloney Cleveland and her staff, loa duo their luxury Greyhound Express RV and travel all the way to New England, Muchigan, even Canada. The collective efforts of everyone involved in Birmingham for the welfare of greyhounds exceeds in a single day
the efforts of these armchair critics in all of their years of tyranny.
I hope people who are really concerned with these magnificent animals, will learn the facts for themselves.

Sounds Of Silence

Here I sit. It is Friday night. For the fourth day out of the last five, I am stuck in my apartment. The one day I arranged an escape, I managed to trip over a curb and severely injure my hand. So now my isolated misery is joined by constant pain. It just keeps getting better.

My life is over. I can’t, I won’t live this way. I’m not talking about killing myself. As Clayt says, that is a permanent solution to temporary problem. No, I don’t need to do myself in, I’m slowly dying just sitting here wasting my days.

There is no love in my life, and it is obvious that there never will be. What is the worst implication of that, there is no companionship, no new interested in all I have to give and no support for me in my ominous situation.

I I have not seen my friends In months. I’m left out of events because of my limitations. It seems that my opportunities to laugh have been all but eliminated.

My family is no help. They can’t see me as anything but who I was. I’m not allowed to have vulnerability.

Professionally, I am at a dead end. My job is excellent but unchallenging. My love of broadcasting and my unique talents now go unfulfilled. My lack of mobility prevents me from pursuing opportunities. My fear in self produced writing and broadcasting is, no one will read or listen.

My validity as a relevant human being has been rescinded. I am desperate for help but there is no heroic figures in this story. It’s all just a damn shame.


I have always treated people, especially those I love and particularly care about, with the utmost consideration and kindness. I have never been mean or abusive in any way to anyone.
So the question is …
Why do people find it so easy to constantly disregard, under appreciate, discard and hurt me?

Breaking News

These Items just in….

Horse trainer Dallas Stewart has been unmasked, he is The Devil!! Two straight years, the logical, favored horse has run first in the Derby. In both of those races, donkeys posing as thoroughbreds, trained by Stewart and carrying astronomical odds, came from far back to ruin millions of wagering tickets by running second. Last year it was 50-1 Golden Soul, today 40-1 Commanding Curve. On their best days, neither of those figured to be able to beat a fat man in a race where first prize was a rice cake. Multitudes of trees gave their very existence to become the litter of wrong numbers and shattered hopes. I swear today when they showed Srewart, I saw one of his horns sticking out the side of his cowboy hat. Somebody, call a Priest..stat.

The Braves overpaid, over hyped offense, in a word….Sucks. Heyward is a horrible fit as a leadoff man, he needs to hit in RBI position and develop more consistency. BJ Upton, has actually swung the bat decently this week when the rest if the tea has seemingly gone to the plate with whiffle ball bats. Color me a pessimist, his hit parade that has his average soaring up to .215, I predict, will not last. freddieFreeman is outstanding, when he can see. Dry eye syndrome and contact issues have rendered him mediocre for now. Justin Upton has incendiary periods but seemingly always falters in game on the line situations. Evan Gattus, is what he is, a guy who when he hits it, he hits it hard. Chris Johnson just signed a big 3 year deal, put the ball in play constantly last year, this year, striking out, a lot!! I am fearing he may be a one year wonder. Dan Uggla, um, he is horrible. A veritable automatic out. And now, with his new approach ,rarely displays any power. He used to be a.175 hitter who could go deep? Now, he is simply a .175 hitter. Andrelton Simmons is an excellent contact guy. He may not love it, but he should be leading off.

The Braves have two extra starting pitchers now at the major league level. Deal a pitcher for a gamer, a scrapper, a blood and guts baseball player. They have athletes, they need some hard core players.Boston signed a couple last year and it made all the difference. A spark is needed and the cancer bats in the lineup would then not all have to play in the same days. They will occasionally put up 10 or 12 in a game, but the bottom line and hard truth. This lineup is not going to hit consistently enough to allow this team to go anywhere regardless of how well they pitch. Frank Wren, are you listening??