SEC Schedule Analysis, Standings Forecast

For my favorite SEC Fan… Extraordinary Terre

East Division

South Carolina 9-3, SEC 6-2
Wins- Tex Am, E Car., Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, Furman,, Tennessee, Florida. S Ala.,
Losses- Missouri, Auburn, Clemson
Comment- 9-0 against others, 0 for 3 against Tigers. Wins East with head up win over Dawgs.

Georgia 10-2 SEC 6-2
Wins- Clemson, Troy, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Char Sou, GA Tech
Losses- S Carolina, Missouri
Comments- Nation’s most explosive player in Todd Gurley. Secondary a huge ???

Missouri 8-4 SEC 5-3
Wins- SD State, Toledo, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, Arkansas
Losses- UCF, Florida, Tex AM,Tennessee
Comments- Tough stretch of games. Some big home wins but will stumble on road. Won’t sneak up on teams this year.

Florida- 7-5 SEC 4-4
Wins- Idaho, E Mich, Kentucky, LSU, Missouri, Vandy, E Kentucky
Losses- Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, S Carolina, Florida St
Comments- offensive Identity??2013 offense was, well, offensive. LSU may be narquee un in the Swamp. Good Will will be hunting, a job.

Vanderbilt 6-6 SEC 2-6
Wins-Temple, UMass, Kentucky, Car Sou., Old Dominion, Tennessee
Losses- Ole Miss, S Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Miss St, Florida
Comments- mason brings west coast Stanford swagger byt Franklin will be tough to replace. Favorable schedule helps.

Tennessee 6-6 SEC. 3-5
Wins- Utah St., Ark St., Florida, Chattanooga, Kentucky, Missouri,
Losses- Oklahoma, Georgia , Ole Miss, Alabama, S Carolina, Vanderbilt
Comments- Another rocky year on Rocky Top. The players just are not there. Will steal an upset or two at Neyland.

Kentucky 3-9 SEC1-7
Wins- UT Martin, LA Monroe, Miss St.,
Losses- Ohio, Florida, Vandy, S Carolina, LSU, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee. Louisville
Comments- really want to find something to like abiht tbe Toothless Cats. Here it is, Basketball starts soon.

West Division

Alabama 11-1 SEC 7-1
Wins- West Va., Fla Atl., S Miss, Florida, Arkansas, TexAM, Tennessee, LSU, Miss St, W Carolina, Auburn
Losses- Ole Miss
Comments- Offensive weapons galore, QB ?? Defense exploited at times in 2013. Easy schedule.

Ole Miss 9-3 SEC 5-3
Wins- Boise, Vandy, Lafayette, Memphis, Alabama, Tennessee, Presbyterian, Arkansas, Mississippi St
Losses- Tex AM, LSU, Auburn,
Comments- Mr. Freeze has the horses, can he harness the power? Big wins but in tbe end, its still Ole Miss.

Auburn- 8-4 SEC 5-3
Wins- Arkansas, San Jose, LA Tech, LSU, S Carolina, Ole Miss, TexAM, Samford
Losses- Kansas State, Miss St, Georgia, Alabama
Comments- Fate is a fickle mistress. 2013 High Wire Act probably evens out. Still plenty of high points.

LSU 9-3 SEC 5-3
Wins- Wisconsin, Sam Houston, LA Monroe, Miss St, New Mexico St, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tex AM
Losses- Auburn, Florida, Alabama
Comments- A few rare holes in this team. Power run game but Les will have to tinker. Still solid as always.

Mississippi State 8-4 SEC 4-4
Wins- S Miss, UAB, S Alabama, Tex AM, Auburn, Arkansas, UT Martin, Vandy
Losses- LSU, Kentucky, Alabama, Ole Miss
Comments- good gear ahead for Dan Mullen. Solid defense returns. One dimensional offense. Grind!

Texas A & M 6-6 SEC 2-6
Wins- Lamar, Rice, SMU, Ole Miss, LA Monroe, Missouri
Losses- S Carolina, Arkansas, Vandy, Alabama, Auburn, LSU
Comments- time to rebuild and shore up last year’s horrid defense.

Arkansas 3-9 SEC 1-7
Wins- Nichols St, Tex AM, UAB,
Losses- Auburn, Texas Tech, N Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Miss St, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri
Comments- No joy in Hogland. Schedule brutal and ill fitting. Widespread despair for Porkers.

West Coast Montage

Dodger Stadium, Braves, Dodger Dogs, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, Venice Beach craziness, Randy’s Donuts, In N Out, Manhattan Beach, Lobster and Crab Ravioli, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Anaheim, Petco Park, Braves-Padres, Beachfront Condo, Tom Petty Concert, Coronas by the Pacific, Basketball with My Boys, Filleppis, Ocean Beach Pier, Hodads, Where The Turf Meets The Surf Race Day at Del Mar, Vegas, The Linq, the High Roller, Case’s Birthday, Samurai Steakhouse, Midnight Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (theatre seats all leather recliners) KeeferFest Birthday Bar-B-Que, Gus’s, Day on the Strip, Extensive Time With Those I Love.

They Are Everywhere

On the western road swing, I have actually been constantly out and about. Incredible women are everywhere. I sat next to a great lady today in the Sports Book. She was from California and loves betting Del Mar. We talked horses, compared travel experiences. After an hour, she had to go to, guess what??? Meet her boyfriend, a musician, in town to play at some party. Thats just Super.

It was a delightful British Girl on the elevator yesterday, a drunk but fun bartender sitting next to us last night at dinner. And like 300 on the beach the two days I was out there. It really sucks to be an unvalidated, pseudo person. I just dont comprehend my hideousness or complete lack of appeal.??

I absolutely love women, i wish the feeling, in just one instance, could be mutual.