Love Basketball… Gotta Love This Series

No matter which team you are pulling for, if you are a hoops fan, you have to love this San Antonio-Miami finals. Great players, fantastic coaches, tremendous organizations.

Both teams are loaded with a plethora of high, quality, winning veterans. Duncan, Ginobli, Parker, all consummate professionals, lead a Spurs team that plays the game the way it was designed to be played. The Heat also have a special group led by one of the sports all-time great talents, Lebron James and big stage superstar Dwayne Wade.

San Antonio coach Greg Popovich has consistently crafted magnificent teams. He is renowned as a master strategist and handler of players. Miami coach Eric Spoelstra, shuns conventional approaches, such as deploying a regular player rotation and establishment of roles, in favor of using his personnel game to game as that particular contest dictates.

Organizationally, both teams are modicums of consistent success. Popovich, previously serving as Spurs GM, created the structure that has led to the current run of excellence. Legendary former championship coach Pat Riley, is the mastermind of Miami’s phenomenal franchise success.

Excellence should be celebrated and admired. This is a finals defined by excellence. It is a rematch of last year’s 7-gene classic. If you are a basketball fan, well, you just gotta love it!

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