This Is For All The Lonely People

It’s a privilege to be granted life. To breathe the air, pursue your dreams and marvel at the daily miracle of being allowed an existence. The immeasurable blessings of children, family, friends, joy and laughter are far more precious than any earthly measure of value.

Still, when there is an absence of love in your life, an irreplaceable void exists. A cloud of sadness and regret looms ever present. There s no one to share secrets, collaborate and carry out schemes, celebrate and revel in triumphs and weather the storms of disappointment and heartbreak. There is only dark empty space to return to. It’s just a dwelling, not a home. And you are denied one of the most basic of human needs, there is no one to touch, and no one touches me.

I am grudgingly resigned to the unfortunate void in my practical, intellectual reality. But I was issued or developed along the way the heart and soul of a romantic. The person I am emotionally down to my farthest internal depths, will never accept the verdict that I am unworthy of giving or receiving love and companionship.

It’s a wonderful life but something major is missing. Abundant blessings abound and I am eternally grateful for all of them. However, the simple fact is, a huge piece of the puzzle, connectivity to every aspect of life, is missing. Moments are not as special, laughter is not as enjoyable, food doesn’t taste as good, the future doesn’t seem as significant. Sad that given only this one life, it falls far short of everything it could be when there is no one to share it with.

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