SEC Schedule Analysis, Standings Forecast

For my favorite SEC Fan… Extraordinary Terre

East Division

South Carolina 9-3, SEC 6-2
Wins- Tex Am, E Car., Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, Furman,, Tennessee, Florida. S Ala.,
Losses- Missouri, Auburn, Clemson
Comment- 9-0 against others, 0 for 3 against Tigers. Wins East with head up win over Dawgs.

Georgia 10-2 SEC 6-2
Wins- Clemson, Troy, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Char Sou, GA Tech
Losses- S Carolina, Missouri
Comments- Nation’s most explosive player in Todd Gurley. Secondary a huge ???

Missouri 8-4 SEC 5-3
Wins- SD State, Toledo, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Vandy, Kentucky, Arkansas
Losses- UCF, Florida, Tex AM,Tennessee
Comments- Tough stretch of games. Some big home wins but will stumble on road. Won’t sneak up on teams this year.

Florida- 7-5 SEC 4-4
Wins- Idaho, E Mich, Kentucky, LSU, Missouri, Vandy, E Kentucky
Losses- Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, S Carolina, Florida St
Comments- offensive Identity??2013 offense was, well, offensive. LSU may be narquee un in the Swamp. Good Will will be hunting, a job.

Vanderbilt 6-6 SEC 2-6
Wins-Temple, UMass, Kentucky, Car Sou., Old Dominion, Tennessee
Losses- Ole Miss, S Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Miss St, Florida
Comments- mason brings west coast Stanford swagger byt Franklin will be tough to replace. Favorable schedule helps.

Tennessee 6-6 SEC. 3-5
Wins- Utah St., Ark St., Florida, Chattanooga, Kentucky, Missouri,
Losses- Oklahoma, Georgia , Ole Miss, Alabama, S Carolina, Vanderbilt
Comments- Another rocky year on Rocky Top. The players just are not there. Will steal an upset or two at Neyland.

Kentucky 3-9 SEC1-7
Wins- UT Martin, LA Monroe, Miss St.,
Losses- Ohio, Florida, Vandy, S Carolina, LSU, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee. Louisville
Comments- really want to find something to like abiht tbe Toothless Cats. Here it is, Basketball starts soon.

West Division

Alabama 11-1 SEC 7-1
Wins- West Va., Fla Atl., S Miss, Florida, Arkansas, TexAM, Tennessee, LSU, Miss St, W Carolina, Auburn
Losses- Ole Miss
Comments- Offensive weapons galore, QB ?? Defense exploited at times in 2013. Easy schedule.

Ole Miss 9-3 SEC 5-3
Wins- Boise, Vandy, Lafayette, Memphis, Alabama, Tennessee, Presbyterian, Arkansas, Mississippi St
Losses- Tex AM, LSU, Auburn,
Comments- Mr. Freeze has the horses, can he harness the power? Big wins but in tbe end, its still Ole Miss.

Auburn- 8-4 SEC 5-3
Wins- Arkansas, San Jose, LA Tech, LSU, S Carolina, Ole Miss, TexAM, Samford
Losses- Kansas State, Miss St, Georgia, Alabama
Comments- Fate is a fickle mistress. 2013 High Wire Act probably evens out. Still plenty of high points.

LSU 9-3 SEC 5-3
Wins- Wisconsin, Sam Houston, LA Monroe, Miss St, New Mexico St, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tex AM
Losses- Auburn, Florida, Alabama
Comments- A few rare holes in this team. Power run game but Les will have to tinker. Still solid as always.

Mississippi State 8-4 SEC 4-4
Wins- S Miss, UAB, S Alabama, Tex AM, Auburn, Arkansas, UT Martin, Vandy
Losses- LSU, Kentucky, Alabama, Ole Miss
Comments- good gear ahead for Dan Mullen. Solid defense returns. One dimensional offense. Grind!

Texas A & M 6-6 SEC 2-6
Wins- Lamar, Rice, SMU, Ole Miss, LA Monroe, Missouri
Losses- S Carolina, Arkansas, Vandy, Alabama, Auburn, LSU
Comments- time to rebuild and shore up last year’s horrid defense.

Arkansas 3-9 SEC 1-7
Wins- Nichols St, Tex AM, UAB,
Losses- Auburn, Texas Tech, N Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Miss St, LSU, Ole Miss, Missouri
Comments- No joy in Hogland. Schedule brutal and ill fitting. Widespread despair for Porkers.

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  1. Good stuff K29 I think if Dawgs beat Clemson they can beat the Ole Ball coach, thus can win the east with a JYD defense . And Full speed #3 #4 #1 and the Chub .
    Bama Barner bowl will decide west

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