A “Living” Contradiction

There is no one on earth who loves, respects and appreciates the magnificence of women, more than me.. The heart break and extreme disappointment that women do not care for me is staggering. No woman I have ever loved has ever loved me. That may be the worst epitaph a man can earn. At times, I find it impossible to fathom that as the ultimate romantic, I failed to ever participate in a true love story.

There is no one who enjoys laughter and making others laugh, more than me. So many days now, I don’t laugh a single time. I am alone 95%! Of my current life, so obviously there is no one to entertain. A sad and miserable failure.

I love giving of myself, making others happy, expressing my ideas, creating great things, showing people things they have never seen and being part and feeling a true sense of belonging in something special.. None of these things are part of my desolate, lonely world.

No one by nature, is more upbeat, optimistic, confident, stress free, adaptable, selfless, or more considerate than me. Yet, now in my relentless pursuit to recapture who I am, I have been called a whiner! downer! depressing, and self elf absorbed,

No one values life and living it fully as much as me. I am unable now in my exiled circumstance to pursue that fulfillment..

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