Prayer To A Western Sky

I feel each beat of her heart despite being so far away,
She is on my mind and in my dreams each second every day,
Her vibrant beauty is that of legends, and wishes coming true,
Her grace and elegance always provides a breathtaking view,
Her mind resoundingly brilliant, her heart set in kindness mode,
To marvel at her entirety, one risks sensory overload,
A Goddess should not feel pain and sadness, it simply is unjust,
Action must initiate without delay to restore her faith and trust,
The sun does not shine as bright, the skies not nearly as blue,
Birds sing in muted tone, fall colors barely changing hue,
As she gazes at the vast Pacific, her spirit must be free to soar,
To rejuvenate all wondrous things to where they were before,
To set things right what is needed for her to once again beguile,
Is sending her a loving impulse that will prompt just a tiny smile..

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