A Sad Review

With brilliance and perception I just sit here and stare,
Seeing everything so clearly is a terrible cross to bear,
I wallow here day after day in solitary serving out my time,
I have to continually remind myself, I am guilty of no crime,
That doesn’t seem to matter now, the Verdict is crystal clear,
There is no interest in my heart or soul, wisdom, talent or cheer,
So I cling to this small screen hoping for just a tiny, little shred,
Of some human acknowledgement that I’m not already dead,
As nightfall yields to morning light and I close my eyes thereafter,
I think it is so unnatural, especially for me, to go days without laughter,
I am denied doing all the things I used to love and want to do,
With no one to love or love me this tragic play has a very sad review,
At least I know that when the day comes when I have departed,
No one will have to be overly distraught or woefully broken hearted

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