It occurred to me that perhaps when I return for my next life, does that mean I will be the antithesis of who I have been in this one?
That means I will be simple minded, talentless, greedy, cheap, boring, humorless, mean spirited, abusive, unkind and dishonest. I will be ruthless and unscrupulous, disregarding and cheating others to get what I want. It will be all about only me, I won’t care about anyone else which will lead to countless opportunities, wealth and success. Women will flock to me and I will callously and cruelly use and discard them.
Yes, a life as the anti-Me sounds like quite a ride. It’s pretty remarkable that your prospects for fulfillment, acceptance and happiness seem more likely if you are a disgusting, selfish Ass. But the lesson I have learned, sadly, my approach, of being the total opposite of all those loathsome traits above, has yielded heartbreak, abandonment and painstaking disappointment.
So lots to look forward to when I return.

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One thought on “Antithesis”

  1. Kip, I look at things differently. I think things are better for us. Consider that view and write future history in your head about the life you want and deserve. Some days it’s what keeps me from running screaming into the street.

    That having been said, I’ll admit Daddy used to tell me to quit being so dramatic. My reply? “Daddy, I’m not being dramatic. I really feel this way!”

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