Not So Happy Birthday

My existence is limited to being an entity on a screen,
I am no different than an animated character in a computer game.
There is virtually no personal interaction with other human beings
I’m hailed for my knowledge, compassion and talents but it is artificial.
Those who regale me do not involve themselves in my actual life.
I am everyone’s really swell guy, an invaluable electronic pen pal.
I touch no one and no one touches me,
Isolation and loneliness are the dominant forces in my life
I no longer have the luxuries of independence, spontaneity and mobility, so I cannot take the initiative to repair this ever declining situation.
It is my Birthday, the start of my 57th year,
I can’t imagine my next birthday if something doesn’t change
Without fellowship, love, laughter and bestowing my gifts,
Shunned and ignored, denied utilization of my considerable skills,
I have clearly been relegated to Non-Real-Person status,
I would not harm myself, but merely existing this way is eroding my will to live
How could it have come to this?

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