Fed Up

it occurs to me today, how much I despise self-centered, narcissistic men. These arrogant jackasses put themselves far in front of anybody else and could care less who they have to trample, or whose lives they ruin, by attaining what they think they want.

I also find myself harboring loathsome feelings for women who gravitate to these kind of jerks. When their poor decision-making yields the inevitable result of them being treated like garbage, they in turn decide to transform their wrath  in blame and even hatred of all men. 

I have never hurt anyone, and I have never been abusive, selfish, or mistreated anyone in any way. The absolute worst part about being a human being, is the disappointment and heartbreak of being summarily rejected. Especially when it’s not even based on your merits, it’s retribution for the appalling behavior and actions of someone else.

I don’t know why this has hit me today, but I can tell you that in serious reflection, I realized that the phenomenon I have described above, has literally, in many ways, ruined the opportunity to derive maximum enjoyment from my life.

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