10 Things You Should Know About Me

1. I have never, ever mistreated any person.
2. I love and am so proud of my sons. While I marvel at their attributes and accomplishments, the fact they are such outstanding people is the most impactful.
3. I have had the same best friends for over40 years. I don’t see them enough and my inability to play golf any longer is going to exacerbate that separation.
4. I have reached a new level of maturity recently. I no longer become agitated over things I cannot control.
5. I consider myself the world’s greatest under achiever. I was capable of so much more.
6. I think. Have handled the extremely devastating loss of 90% of my vision far better than I would have forecast. I am proud of myself for finding a way to manage my day to day routine despite it being extremely challenging.
7. I would give anything to understand why despite a vastly diverse and specialized skill set, I am taken for granted and largely unrecognized in my various career pursuits. It is a flaw I would repair if I knew what it was. I suspect it is a combination of two factors. I am too nice a person and handle things easily with seemingly little effort which gives the appearance that I am not a hard worker.
8. i am extremely generous and a great tipper.
9. I feel invalidated and despondent because almost exclusively, women I have loved have not loved me. I believed in Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever Afrer. That belief has not come to pass.
10. At this stage…. I BELIEVE!! My faith is resilient and has survived. I am serene and peaceful. I no longer am paddling furiously upstream. Now, I am drifting and will go where the current takes me.

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