March Madness Field Set

NCAA Tournament Thoughts

No one reads my analysis and thoughts, but I will write them anyway,
After watching all the “experts” handicapping the field, it seems pointless to even play the games. Every single CBS and ESPN pundit, picked Tom Izzo and Michigan State to win it all. I must have been dozing off all season. I was not aware there was a team that was vastly superior to all others. But apparently, the excuse for their less than overwhelming regular season was injuries. Now they are healthy which equates to an automatic championship. Oh, and they are from the awe inspiring Big Ten. Admittedly, the league is excellent but nt as good as the clobbering, adoring media groupies believe. The Big 12, Pac12, ACC and Mountain West are on the same level. I’m going on record, here and now, the Spartans will NOT win the championship. It just is not that cut and dried.

I was fine with the teams selected with the exception of SMU being left out. I thought they were more deserving than Xavier and BYU. As in most years, I thought the seeding was poorly done. Louisville, a #4? What a joke! Kentucky an #8, Tennessee in a play in game, New Mexico a #7? On the over ranked side, UMass a #6, huh? Baylor and Ohio St are Aldo 6’s? Too high!

The regions stack up this way,
Midwest- Preposterously Stacked
South- Very Tough
East- Strong
West- By Far the Weak Link

South 1. Florida 2. Kansas 3.Syracuse 4. UCLA
First Round Picks
Pitt over Colorado
N Mex over Stanford
Dayton over Ohio St

West 1. Arizona 2. Wisconsin 3.Creighton 4.San Diego St
Gonzaga over Ok St
N Dak St over OK

1. Wichita St 2.Michigan 3. Duke 4. Louisville
KY over Kan St

1.Virginia 2. Villanova 3. Iowa St 4. Michigan St

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