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Well, if you love to be regaled with tales of David slaying Goliath, or Cindarella stealing the show at the ball, this is not the tournament for you. Can you say POWER CONFERENCES! The Sweet Sixteen is Blueblood City. Three teams each, Big 10, Pac 12 and yes doubters, haters and morons, the SEC. Two each Big 12 and American, one each ACC, Atlantic 10 and Mountain West . Don’t even go there to tell me Dayton is the sentimental story. Their league received six bids! Prominently absent, The Big Least.

I challenged seeding 30 minutes after brackets were announced. To have Kentucky and Wichita a state collide in Round Two was preposterous. I believe they are two of the top six teams in the whole shooting match and the Shockers are back for a premature stay in dull Wichita. Now, Kentucky gets to play Louisville, another of the six best teams. So in my book, only one of three of the top six teams is allowed to advance. I call that horrible seeding. Louisville a 4, Kentucky an 8, you have to be kidding?? I believe who you played in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico before Thanksgiving, should be considered, not emphasized. Teams evolve and it is different in March than November. Did anyone watch Kentucky push the number one overall seed to the brink last Sunday. I don’t care what the computer print outs say, if there were at least 28 teams in this tournament better than UK, I will eat a heaping helping of (ugh) Brussells Sprouts. Tennessee, from the SEC, granted entry as the SEC’s third team only as a play in team. They were a considerable favorite as a play in 11 seed over a joke 6 seed U Mass and waxed them.
The SEC only had three deserving teams, granted. However, teams 4 thru 12 did not suck. Georgia, Missiuri, Arlansas, Ole Miss etc. would be competitive in any league. I suspect SEC denigraters resent the league due to football envy. The data may say its a subpar league, but in terms of athleticism and competition, it deserves more respect.

Most impressive league group so far, the Pac 12. UCLA and Arizona are humming. Stanford, uses a tree for a logo and stocks the floor with trees. They have ousted two excellent teams in New Mexico and Kansas. Oregon had Big10 Wisconsin on the ropes and let them get away. The Pac12 wiukd really been swabbing if that would have held.

Most electrifying team…Baylor, from the Big 12 is flat out schitso. In February, at 2-8 in their league, they were Dead Men in neon big ole shorts walking. Today, they demolished Crejghton and their sentimental father and son tandem of coach and player tandem of McDermotts. Unluckiest. Iowa State, a final four quality. Team who lost versatile 6-10 Geirge Niang yo a broken foot. Michigan State, picked by every “Exper” to win it all, is advancing. I still do not see their immortal status. They will have a rigid test against a precisioned Virginia team.

Here’s the thing, so much comes down to match ups and injuries, breaks and unlikely heroes. It’s all part of the ride we call March Madness. Take a breather, see you Thursday.

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