Football Is Over…. Now What?

The most viewed Super Bowl of all time brought down the curtain on another football season Sunday evening. No need to rehash the obvious once again, the game was a one-sided massacre. Watching the Seahawks maul the visibly shaken, clearly intimidated Broncos reminded me of one of those animal shows on the Discovery channel. The field in New Jersey was reminiscent of the Serengeti plain. The futile fleeing of an overmatched, slower wildebeest by a charging lioness was the image that came to mind. Slammed, driven to the ground and ripped from limb to limb. Quite a horrifying spectacle indeed.

There can be little doubt that the real showdown of the two best teams was staged two weeks earlier in Seattle. The Seahawks defeated the Firty Niners in a fierce, tightly played physical matchup. To see teams characterized by great, dominating, punishing defenses standing atop the hill at season’ end, leaves a lasting, baffling image as the 2014 season tips it’s hat and rides into the horizon. In an era of record setting offense, physicality decimates finesse. The plot thickens moving forward. One thing is for certain, if you are an NFL General Manager or Head Coach, your job is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. There are lots if different directions you can go to build your roster. But choose wisely! Each season in recent years,25% of teams excuse their coach and or GM at seasons end.

Easy choice for worst game of the year. Redskins and Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta, Washington and Houston, all double digit win, division champions in 2012, proved that while Rome can’t be built in a day, a burgeoning empire can certainly collapse nearly that fast. The Skins and Birds staged their forgettable comedy of errors in late December. The Redskins turned the ball over seven times and still were a 2-point conversion away from winning on the last play of the game. The Falcons registered the win but shoddy drafts and personnel decisions, particularly on the offensive and defensive lines, reduced their season into a shambles. The draft in April looms large fir the suddenly Dingy Birds. Meanwhile, redskin owner Dan Snyder fired yet another Head Coach and went out and hired Gruden. Uh no, not that one,… Jon still works for ESPN. Instead it is his brother,Jay Gruden, inheriting the mess in our nation’s capital.

Training camps open in 5 months. There is one thing for sure, nothing is for sure. Successful teams play brutal weighted schedules. Free agents scurry about from team to team, technology is utilized to breakdown and analyze every aspect of strategic and player performance and the game constantly evolves. Therein lies the allure of the National Football League. Like colorful, somewhat deranged, former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville once said, NFL stands for…. Not For Long!!