Nowhere Man

This existence I am experiencing is difficult to describe. I am still around, my mind is at it’s highest level. I comprehend everything around me and beyond and an ability to filter and discern significance and clarity is now installed. And along with my thought processes, my skills in communication have never been sharper. Brilliant and talented, perspective, humor, generosity, empathy, poised for greatness and an incredibly successful and fulfilling stage of life. With all those attributes, I am not sought out. I am not heard. I am not appreciated or compensated, I am not revered or loved. What I am is a discarded appliance dumped in the middle of nowhere on a desolate untraveled road. I have no mobility, so I cannot escape. I have no support, so I cannot operate. I have no care so I cannot thrive. My days are spent alone. I am not cold, hungry or in danger. I have had great experiences in the past. The judgement of the masses seems to be that I should derive satisfaction from those memories, count those blessings and register no complaint. I must remind myself during my frequent conversations, with me, that no one cares that you want to do more. I want to write my books, but who really wants to read them. I want to broadcast my thoughts and share my knowledge, but no one is listening. I want to revive, modernize and transform my industry, but I am shrugged off and dismissed. I haain and debilitating misery of rejection, disregard and irrelevance. In a life where I was once surrounded by constant joy, love and laughter there is now profound emptiness and loneliness. I have not chosen banishment but my circumstances have fostered it. Family, Fruendships, Romance, Professional Life, oh how I aspire to be involved in those worlds and foolishly dream of a life with all those aspects. Amazingly, any one area could arm me with purpose. The awful truth is, I am Detached completely and utterly from them all. I find myself acquiescing to the everyday bitter doses of being misunderstood, ignored, forgotten and foresaken. The Quicksand is progressively consuming my being and sapping any will or strength to fight. It has crossed my mind that perhaps I should just slip away. Similar to all the other noise I make, like a tree falling in a deserted
forest, no one will hear. A talent, an entertainer, a performer, a man of ideas is just a voice in the wilderness when no one is listening, and most sobering, no one cares.

Kip Keefer…. HARD LINE

Hard Line Quick Hits

I am finding it a little beyond belief that a jumbo jet with 239 people aboard, in this day and age, can dimply vanish without a trace. Satellite images and GPS can track anything and everything. A satellite can lock in on me sitting alone here in my cruddy apartment as we speak and share the tedium. How can an airliner vanish. If it crashed or exploded, there would have to be debris. If it was pirated and flown send landed anywhere, someone saw or knows something. The TV series Lost was a smash hit. Who would have ever imagined that it’s bizarre premise could actually play out in real life?

I guess it isn’t enough that the “First Couple” and the progressive, nonsensical obsession with big government is deteriorating and bankrupting our country. They not only want your money to furl the voracious bureaucracy, they also feel obliged yo tell you how to live your life and depend the few dollars you retain.
The First Lady endlessly lectures and cajoles others on diet. Don’t dare eat anything desirable, instead consume the toot send berry duet she endorses. I sense hypocrisy. I’d be willing yo bet big that abundant supplies of ice cream and goodies of all kinds find their way to the Resudence floor at the White House. No offense, but despite a wardrobe to conceal what is behind her, there is more than just junk in that ample trunk.

Now, our President, begging young people to finance his failed, flawed, fudged up Non Affordable Health Care Act, chastised those who say the premiums are too expensive. His take was, ” It’s a question of Zpriorities. I suspect many saying the cost is too high are spending considerable amounts of their budgets on Cable TV and Cell Phones.” So stop watching Your favorite shows, or Heaven Forbid, evil Fox News. Hang up those calls, cease the emailing and texts. The Messiah needs even your elective money.

Thoughts on College Basketball As March Madness Begins

Conference tournaments are underway throughout the land while in Indianapolis bureaucrats gather to select the field of 68 for the Big Dance. While games are played on the court, the Committee is not watching. Their noses are buried in print outs and breakdowns of every statistic imaginable. The “Body of Work” is the primary consideration. Did your team play a tough schedule? Then chances are they are in, even if they lost those games. Teams that are staggering now and couldn’t beat a bunch of fat beer swilling guys on the playground right now are somehow, “On the Bubble.”

Georgia this season and a couple of years ago is a freat example team. This year, with a young team, Coach Mark Fox scheduled a weak non conference slate. Georgia even lost some of those games but as the conference season started, they rapidly improved. The 12-6 SEC record they posted tied Kentucky for 2nd in the league. Kentucky is a lock for the tournament despite finishing with a putrid three losses in their last four games. Worse than that, Missouri is still very much in the discussion. They finished 7th in the league and Georgia beat them in Athens and in Columbia. Yet, the Dawgs are not in the conversation. Conversely, a couple of years ago, Alabama and Georgia were comparable. Georgia plated a better schedule but Alabama beat them in the last regular season game and five days later in the SEC tournament. Georgia went dancing, the Tide was left out?

Assuming the process successfully selects the teams, seeding is everything. The Committee last year did a horrid job of seeding and the excuses were laughable. This regional Pod System,designed to protect the best teams by keeping therm clots home, makes dome seeding calls preposterous.

But it is March Madness. Flawed yes, but compelling always. I will post a preview if each regional Monday Night. By the way, don’t forget to call in sick Thursday and Friday, or, take a really long lunch both days.

The Greatest Possession

Keeping belief and positivity can be a daunting, tough sell,
No matter how dim, take a breath and say to yourself…All is Well,
Don’t bottle up your emotions, when you can let them go,
Only then can the love and faith in your heart freely flow,
It is said it’s always darkest before the dawn, that might be true,
It also means it is close to the time when brightness comes through,
The stage of life that seems to give less and take away more,
Cannot be allowed to diminish all the joy we have acquired before,
So maintain your smile, provide support, strength and affection,
Each moment with loved ones is a treasure in an invaluable collection.