College Football .. This Week’s First Glance… America’s Best Analysis

For Terre, my favorite football fan,,,

After last weeks wild weekend in college football, you’d think we’d have time to regroup. Not the case! I have written that this season will play out like none we have previously witnessed. You think the picture is clarifying?.. think again. Here are initial thoughts of this weeks matchups that caught my eye.

In the SEC
If Auburn wins in Starkville, it’s time to identify them as a clear frontrunner. Can MSU get up for a second consecutive week? This time against an even better team? The marquee game of the weekend…by far.
I dont like Ole Miss in College Station. I never bought in on A & M hype but I picked the Aggies in this game in my preseason schedule analysis. I picked Ole Miss to win last week over Bama.
Georgia is a 3 point fav at Mizzou?? Really? Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think much of this Tiger team but Georgia has QB and absurd secondary issues. Without Todd Gurley, Missouri would be a 6 point favorite.
LSU is favored at Florida??? What a ringing rebuke for the impotent Gators. I said three weeks ago that LSU was the worst team in the west division. Their QB tandem is in total disarray. Gators defense stuffed and slammed supposedly rising Big Orange. Lesser of two strugglers, I’ll take FLA
Monroe will cover three TD line at Kentucky
Bans wins but under the number against Cloaked in failure Hogs.

Other Games. Quick Hitters
Huge Big Ten (they have 12 teams) matchups …. Indiana/Iowa and Northwesterm/Minnesota. No really… I’m not kidding.
Huge Big 12 (they have 10 teams???!) Oklahoma will take out massive frustration on woeful Texas. Baylor, #3 ranked team in all the land, is a 10 point favorite over TCU???? Really? TCU just beat Oklahoma. Baylor did sluggishly stagger past Punchless Texas but the three tomato cans they played before were mega dreadful it’s embarrassing. SMU, Northwestern State and Buffalo. All three of those stiffs belong in a morgue. Love the Frogs plus here.
PAC 12 … Suggestion to Oregon and UCLA, offensive lineman are necessary components for teams to do well. Housman quality QBs on these teams should sue for

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